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Accept credit cards
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Whether you need a car loan to help you buy a new car, a holiday loan to take you to far off shores, a home improvement loan to help pay for an extension to your home, we can help.
By taking out a personal loan, you can consolidate a number of repayments into one and simplify your finances.

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loans uk : are you paying too much for your existing finance? If you are looking for a better deal check our repayment chart to see if we could save you money by clearing your existing credit.


We have customers who have consolidated all of their existing debts into one loan, and as a result they have reduced their monthly outgoings by hundreds of pounds.

Obviously not everyone enjoys such a spectacular result - but why not see if it can work for you ?

The best thing to do is to work out what you are paying for your existing credit, and then see how much the same amount of credit would be with one of our plans.

Secured  personal loans to clear existing debt make up about 50% of our applications. But you can apply for any type of loan.

Any Purpose

We offer any purpose loans, and you can use yours for a new car, home improvements, a holiday ......anything you want.

You can apply on line - the form is easy, it's secure and it only take a few minutes to complete. .



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